How to care for Butcher Block Countertops

How do you take care of butcher block counter tops?  It is really easy.  We got our Birch wooden counter tops at Ikea.  I have always wanted wooden counter tops, or at least an island of butcher block, since working in a commercial kitchen.  In the bakery we had  a wooden counter top that was very old, well seasoned, and so durable.

Above, you can see our unfinished kitchen remodel.  We just finished the install of the counter tops this weekend.  Once they are in place, they need to be oiled.  This gives them the great shine you can see above.

We use Mineral Oil to oil our counter tops.  You can buy other products, and I am sure that anywhere you purchase your counter tops will try to sell you something.  But, we get our mineral oil in the pharmacy section of the grocery store, and it works really well.

  1. Wipe down, or clean your counter from crumbs or dirt using a little dish soap.  Allow to dry.
  2. Apply a little oil to a cloth, one you do not plan on using again.  Or, simply pour a little oil on the counter.
  3. Rub the oil into the counter really well.
  4. You should notice a difference right away, and the surface will be a little “oily” for a bit
  5. Let the counter tops sit for a few hours, and then you can replace anything you keep on them.
  6. Repeat this every week if the counter tops are new.  Once a few weeks have passed, we usually oil our counter tops once every few months.

Be sure to keep your counter tops oiled for longer life, and good looks. :)

When remodeling our kitchen, we reused countertops that we had installed over two years earlier.  You can see a piece in the above left photo.  Still beautiful, and still giving a nice shine.


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